2018 Range-wide Accomplishment Report Celebrates A Decade of Restoration

The 2018 ALRI Range-wide Accomplishment Report is now available!  Every year, ALRI compiles its numerous accomplishments across the range into one comprehensive and detailed summary.  In addition to last year’s achievements, this year’s report also showcases the work that has been done in longleaf restoration by ALRI since 2010 and the ways the Initiative plans to move forward in reaching the goal of 8 million acres of longleaf pine by 2025.

“The work done over the last decade has revolved around enhancing the key benefits of longleaf pine - Wildlife Value, Benefits for People, Risk Abatement, Economic Value, and Military Readiness.  These benefits express the varied objectives of all of the partners that are represented on the Longleaf Partnership Council,” says Andrew Schock, 2018 Longleaf Partnership Council Chair. 

Since 2010, over 1.2 million acres of longleaf pine have been planted across the range.  Additionally, over 10 million acres have been treated with prescribed fire to reduce wildfire risk and improve ecosystems.  Over 200,000 acres of land have received long-term protection through acquisitions or easements.  These impressive accomplishments are providing significant value to the American people and the landscape as a whole. 

“This initiative demonstrates the economic, social, and envi­ronmental benefits to ALL when a conservation stewardship legacy is created.  Through collaborative efforts, we are immensely proud of the gains in longleaf pine from a his­toric low of 3.2 million acres to 4.7 million acres across the Southeast; however, we are even more proud of the benefits, outcomes, and impacts being realized to support our com­munities, our lands, and our heritage.”

The full findings, outcomes, and accomplishments of 2018 can be found here.