New Interactive Landowner Resources Tool Available for Longleaf Landowners within Designated Sentinel Landscapes

SL Tool News Story Image

The Sentinel Landscapes Partnership recently introduced an Interactive Landowner Resources Tool as part of the newly designed Sentinel Landscapes website!  The goal for this product is to make it easier for landowners to find voluntary state and federal landowner assistance programs.  The tool streamlines the search process by compiling over 300 landowner assistance programs in a single, user-friendly location.  Three out of the currently seven Sentinel Landscapes lie within the historic longleaf range: Avon Park Air Force Range Sentinel Landscape, the Georgia Sentinel Landscape, and the Eastern North Carolina Sentinel Landscape. 

To improve efficiency, results can be filtered by location, category, and benefit type.  The Interactive Landowner Resources Tool also includes valuable information on the applicant eligibility, point of contact, and website URL for each program listed.  The filtered results can also be exported as a PDF to share and save for later.

In addition to the Interactive Landowner Resources Tool, the updated Sentinel Landscapes website includes interactive GIS maps and information pertaining to local Sentinel Landscape events, project highlights, and funding data.

The Sentinel Landscapes Partnership and three designations within the historic longleaf range have contributed greatly to the goals and objectives of America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative and are stunning examples of the impact that effective partnerships can have on conservation!