Fort Stewart/Altamaha Longleaf Pine Restoration Partnership

Fort Stewart/Altamaha Longleaf Pine Restoration Partnership

The Longleaf Alliance Honored by Georgia Coastal Advocacy Group, One Hundred Miles

By Randy Tate, The Longleaf Alliance

The Georgia coastal advocacy organization, 100 Miles, founded in 2013, recognized The Longleaf Alliance as one of its 2018 One Hundred Miles 100 honorees.  The organization, named after the length of the Georgia coast from South Carolina to Florida, honors 100 different individuals, businesses, and organizations each year in conjunction with its Choosing to Lead Conference.  The Longleaf Alliance is a founding partner in the Fort Stewart/Altamaha Local Implementation Team (LIT) which includes much of the Georgia coast, and much of the focus of our work has been through this LIT.

In addition to coordinating the Fort Stewart/Altamaha LIT, The Longleaf Alliance has contributed to groundcover restoration at Ashantilly, a historic site with longleaf in Darien.   Also, Longleaf Academies are held along Georgia’s coast, most recently a Longleaf 101 Academy in Guyton.  This Academy featured a field trip to Fort Stewart.  Carol Denhof and Randy Tate of The Longleaf Alliance also participated in One Hundred Miles’srecent Coastal Georgia Naturalists series educating on longleaf forests.

Last year, Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield was honored as a One Hundred Miles 100for showing that protecting the Army’s military mission and protecting habitat for rare and endangered species can work together and even thrive.

Randy Tate and longtime Longleaf Alliance Board Member, Lynda Beam, attended the conference and gladly accepted the award on behalf of The Longleaf Alliance.


Image 1:  One Hundred Miles 100 Honorees at the 2018 Choosing to Lead Conference on Jekyll Island, Georgia, in January 2018.  Photo by One Hundred Miles.