2014 Range-wide Accomplishment Report and Executive Summary

This 2014 Range-wide Accomplishment Report communicates the restoration work accomplished collectively by the many partners in America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative (ALRI).  This is the second annual range-wide comprehensive look at the restoration work to bring back the iconic longleaf pine forest to the South.  The report includes a detailed summary of the on-the-ground restoration activities that occured from Texas to Virginia.  These accomplishments include not only establishment of new longleaf pine forests through planting, but also activities such as prescribed fire, mid-story harvests, and invasive species control - all activities that are crucial in restoring the entire forest ecosystem and improving habitat for the numerous plant and wildlife species that make their homes there.   An Executive Summary is also available for review, and synthesizes many of the over-arching takeaway messages from the 2014 accomplishments.

We hope you enjoy reading about all the fantastic work that is going on for the longleaf pine ecosystem!