2017 Range-wide Accomplishment Report

The 2017 Range-wide Accomplishment Report summarizes the progress made over the past year toward the goal of 8 million acres by 2025 outlined in the Range-wide Conservation Plan for the Longleaf Pine.  The sustained momentum and increased accomplishments, over 1.7 million acres of restoration work, are something of which we can all be proud!

The Report details the achievements made across the 9-state range in the areas of new longleaf pine planting, silvicultural activities, and forest management through prescribed fire, mid-story harvests, understory restoration, and invasive species control.  It also gives a comprehensive insight into the on-the-ground work that is occurring, how public and private funds are being leveraged, and how the partnership’s strategic priorities are measured.

Partners in the America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative will take a deeper look at the overall progress as well as the challenges and opportunities for accelerating our progress to better focus our efforts for the coming year.  We hope you enjoy reading about the great work that has taken place in 2017 for the longleaf pine ecosystem!