Who's Involved

Regional Longleaf Pine Partnership Council

The Partnership Council is comprised of 33 members representing non-governmental organizations, state and federal agencies, implementation teams and other collaborative efforts, private industry,  universities/research/extension and private landowners.

Technical Teams

Technical Teams bring together experts and other interested people to focus on issues that are critical to longleaf restoration. These teams offer an opportunity for anyone, not just Council members, to get involved and contribute their expertise.

Federal Coordinating Committee (FCC)

In June 2010, the Departments of Agriculture, Defense and Interior formalized their commitment to the America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative and the goal of restoring 8 million acres in a Memorandum of Understanding. This landmark agreement also established the FCC, a committee to coordinate efforts among federal agencies to restore the longleaf pine ecosystem across nine Southern States.


The Regional Working Group is a collaborative network that includes federal agencies, state forestry and wildlife agencies, partnerships and associations, non-governmental organizations, and individuals. The Group serves as a forum for discussion and action on a number of range-wide issues regarding longleaf conservation.