Federal Coordinating Committee (FCC)

In June 2010, the Departments of Agriculture, Defense, and Interior formalized their commitment to the America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative and the goal of restoring 8 million acres in a Memorandum of Understanding. This landmark agreement also established the FCC, a committee to coordinate efforts among federal agencies to restore the longleaf pine ecosystem across nine Southern States. The Federal agencies are working with over 30 State agencies and NGO's who have signed a Declaration of Partnerships that commits each organization to being actively engaged in the restoration effort.

The principle agency contacts for the FCC are:

  • Department of Agriculture: Ken Arney, USDA Forest Service, Regional Forester; James Tillman, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Regional Conservationist for the Southeast Region
  • Department of Defense: Pete Potochney, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment
  • Department of Interior: Leo Miranda, US Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Regional Director

The FCC activities are supported by the following staff from the participating agencies:

  • Department of Defense: Ryan Orndorff, Program Director, Department of Defense Natural Resources Program
  • USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service: Tim Albritton, Alabama State Forester; Matthew Vandersande, Longleaf Partnership Initiative Coordinator
  • USDA, Forest Service: Janette Davis, Deputy Regional Forester; Kay Reed, Director of Cooperative Forestry; Frank Beum, Director of Forest Management for the Southern Region; Kyle Jones, Regional Longleaf Restoration Coordinator.
  • USDA, Farm Service Agency: David Hoge, Agricultural Program Specialist
  • Department of Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Aaron Valenta, Division Chief for Partnerships; Dan Frisk, Project Leader, North Florida Refuge Complex; Susan Miller, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Ecological Services