Conservation Plan

The Conservation Plan represents a first-ever effort to frame conservation activities across the entire range of longleaf pine forests in a way that supports, improves and accelerates the cumulative success and effectiveness of longleaf conservation. It is written for resource professionals representing organizations whose active participation is essential for further refining and ultimately delivering the recommendations of the Conservation Plan. The Conservation Plan and America's Longleaf are founded on the premise that effective conservation of longleaf forests will require a multitude of partners working collaboratively in a strategic, coordinated, and sustained fashion.

The Conservation Plan was developed with review and input of more than 120 resource professionals and is intended to guide efforts by participating agencies, organizations and individuals in the near future.

We appreciate the contributions of all involved to date and are eager to have your input, advice, and help to achieve the vision of America's Longleaf-A Restoration Initiative for the Southern Longleaf Pine Forest.

This Plan will continue to evolve as we gain knowledge and experience.