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The America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative (ALRI) is a collaborative effort of multiple public and private sector partners that actively supports range-wide efforts to restore and conserve longleaf pine ecosystems. The vision of the partners involved in the ALRI is to have functional, viable longleaf pine ecosystems with the full spectrum of ecological, economic and social values inspired through the voluntary involvement of motivated organizations and individuals.

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Range-wide Conservation Plan for Longleaf Pine (2025-2040)

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The Range-wide Conservation Plan for Longleaf Pine (2025-2040) represents the effort to frame conservation activities across the entire range of longleaf pine forests in a way that supports, improves and accelerates the cumulative success and effectiveness of longleaf conservation.  This is the second iteration of the Conservation Plan developed to guide continued efforts to reach the goal of eight million acres of longleaf pine forest in the Southeast. 


2022 Range-wide Accomplishment Report

2022 Accomplishment Report Cover

The America’s Longleaf 2022 Range-wide Accomplishment Report celebrates 2.22 million acres of longleaf management activities across the nine-state historic range.  This report includes detailed acreage results of longleaf restoration on private and public lands and specific stories showcasing examples of the many individuals, agencies, and projects that collectively contribute to the success of ALRI.


New ALRI Fact Sheet

America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative is excited to share a new and improved fact sheet! The new fact sheet highlights the partnership’s achievements through 2022 and provides the latest information about the restoration work that’s being accomplished together.


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The Sentinel Landscapes Partnership Releases the 2023 Sentinel Landscapes Accomplishments Report
2023 SL Report Photo

The Sentinel Landscapes Partnership announced the 2023 Sentinel Landscapes Accomplishments Report showcasing how USDA, DOD, DOI, and their on-the-ground partners collaborate to solve complex land-use challenges, combining resources and aligning funding across the 13 sentinel landscapes. Through FY22, projects in sentinel landscapes attracted $1.16 billion in funds, permanently protecting over 677,100 acres. These contributions have enrolled 4.4 million acres in assistance programs to tackle land-use challenges in FY22 alone.

Five of the 13 Sentinel Landscapes occur in the longleaf pine range: Eastern North Carolina, South Carolina Lowcountry, Georgia, Northwest Florida, and Avon Park Air Force Range.  Read more about each of those Sentinel Landscapes and connections to longleaf pine in the report.

2024 REPI Challenge Funding Helps Installations in Longleaf Areas

The 2024 REPI Challenge awarded $59 million from DoD and partner contributions to 17 projects, two of which are in the longleaf range, that will support fire management and protect against encroachment issues.

NFWF Announces Release of Longleaf Landscape Stewardship Fund 2024 Request for Proposals
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The 2024 NFWF Longleaf Landscape Stewardship Fund RFP is now open. The LLSF is a public-private partnership that expands, enhances, and accelerates longleaf pine ecosystem restoration across the historical longleaf range throughout the southeastern U.S.  Approximately $30 million in grant funding is available for on-the-ground projects that help accelerate longleaf pine restoration on private and public lands to support wildlife, sequester carbon, safeguard water quality, and increase forest resilience.  Proposals are due by 11:59pm (Eastern Time) on Thursday, February 15, 2024.