NFWF Resilient Communities Program Now Accepting 2020 Proposals


The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Wells Fargo have released the 2020 Request for Proposals for the Resilient Communities program, which provides grant funding to enhance community capacity to plan and implement resiliency projects, and improve the protections afforded by natural ecosystems, by investing in conservation and nature-based infrastructure.

This $3 million per year program aims to help communities in the United States and territories prepare, strengthen and bounce back more quickly after a disaster. Through preparedness and by taking advantage of natural and nature-based features like wetlands, resilient shorelines, urban ​​tree canopies, natural forests and healthy upstream watersheds, communities can accrue quality of life benefits today. In addition, these projects enhance fish and wildlife resources and avoid or reduce risk to life, and costly and devastating impacts from events such as sea-level risk, floods, droughts, fires and more.

The Resilient Communities program is a national program that, while not specifically longleaf or forestry focused, supports projects that focus on maintaining healthy forest ecosystems.  This year, Wells Fargo and NFWF will invest in projects that meet the following categories:

  1. Adaptation through highly impactful and visible conservation projects;
  2. Community capacity through building and demonstration projects, helping multiple communities understand, organize, and take action to address risks and opportunities through preparedness and adaptation; and
  3. Adaptation that advances scalable, nature-based resilience solutions benefiting affordable housing and/or small businesses in communities vulnerable to impacts from natureal disasters.

Pre-proposals are due by Tuesday, February 18, 2020.