Strategic Priorities and Actions

America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative Strategic Priorities and Actions

Since the release of the Range-wide Conservation Plan for Longleaf Pine in 2009, a robust partnership has come together to support restoration of longleaf pine ecosystems and gained national recognition as a model of collaborative landscape conservation.  Organized in 2011, the Longleaf Partnership Council is providing an important forum for communication and collaboration among key Partners involved in the ongoing efforts to restore longleaf pine ecosystems across nine Southern states.  Comprised of more than 30 state and federal agencies, conservation groups and other key constituencies, the Council recently conducted a review and assessment of both the restoration progress and the challenges during the initial three years of Plan implementation.  Using insights from that process, the Council members aim to build upon the substantial momentum for longleaf restoration in its Strategic Priorities and Actions document.  This “blueprint” for the next three years details where priorities should be placed and identifies the associated actions needed at various scales to advance the longer-term goal of restoring eight million acres over a 15 year horizon. 

The Strategic Priorities and Actions will be updated every three years. The appendices will be updated on an annual basis.