Working Groups

The Longleaf Partnership Council also hosts a number of Working Groups that bring together experts and other interested people to focus on issues that are critical to longleaf restoration. Topics range from prescribed fire to understory restoration to education and outreach. These Working Groups offer an opportunity for anyone, not just Council members, to get involved and contribute their expertise.

Debbie Crane The Nature Conservancy
Lisa Lord The Longleaf Alliance
Carol Denhof The Longleaf Alliance
Prescribed Fire and Smoke Management (SERPPAS Work Group)
Jennifer Fawcett North Carolina State University
Research and Development
Kevin McIntyre The Jones Center at Ichauway
Andrew Schock The Conservation Fund
Assessment and Reporting
Kyle Jones USDA Forest Service
Stephanie Hertz Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute
Ryan Bollinger The Longleaf Alliance
Southeast Longleaf Ecosystem Occurrences Geodatabase
Ryan Bollinger The Longleaf Alliance
Amy Knight Florida Natural Areas Inventory
Longleaf for All
Tiffany Woods National Wildlife Federation
Luther Jones U.S. Forest Service (ACES)
Spatial Prioritization
Gary Burger South Carolina Department of Natural Resources