Regional Longleaf Pine Partnership Council

In recognition that successful range-wide longleaf conservation will require the resources, talents, and collaborative efforts of many partners, the Partnership Council was formed in October 2011. Its organization followed two earlier meetings in the fall of 2010 and spring of 2011 involving some 80 individuals representing diverse agencies and private groups. Recommendations from these earlier meetings framed the Partnership Council, its operational guidelines and structure.

The Partnership Council is comprised of 33 members representing non-governmental organizations, state and federal agencies, implementation teams and other collaborative efforts, private industry, universities/research/extension and private landowners. Its purpose is to promote effective communication and collaboration among the large number of partners working to conserve longleaf pine ecosystems across the South. It provides a forum where the diverse partners can bring their different objectives, missions, responsibilities and contributions required to make the conservation implementation efforts successful and demonstrate collective progress.

The Partnership Council is governed by a chair, chair elect and past chair, with each serving a one year term. Here's the current leadership:

  • Chair Jason Dockery, representing the Alabama Forestry Commission
  • Chair-Elect Jamelle Ellis, representing the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
  • Past Chair Carol Denhof, representing The Longleaf Alliance

The Partnership Council expects to meet face-to-face no less than twice a year and by conference call on an as-needed basis. Check back here to learn more about the activities of the Partnership Council and its meeting schedule.

View the Partnership Council members.